Jam/Open Mic nights at Three G's Sportsbar

Hosted by Mike Michaels

Jam/Open Mic Information

Getting Involved

Mike Michaels hosts the Jam/Open Mic events every Saturday night from 9 pm to 1 am. Mike is an accomplished musician and singer. We provide the instruments and the sound system on our band sized stage. We get all levels of musical talent. This is an over 21 club. Many area musicians have participated in the Jam including Babe Pino, Luther “Guitar” Junior Johnson, Weepin’ Willy, Professor Harp, Jason James, Mike Crandall. Several local bands have been inspired from the jams. Obsession, Shaky Ground, Bad Habit, Past Nasty’s. The musical nights are mostly local talent with the influence of incoming talent from surrounding areas.

Luther "Guitar" Junior Johnson and other Musicians

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Other Musicians

  • Babe Pino
  • Weepin' Willy
  • Professor Harp
  • Jason James
  • Mike Crandall